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Postdoc (Caltech), PhD Biophysics (Harvard University), MSc Physics (McGill University), B. Eng  Physics (École Polytechnique Montréal)

J'ai été formé en tant que physicien avant de développer un intérêt pour la biologie, et j'utilise une approche inspirée de la physique pour comprendre les systèmes biologiques depuis.  Lors de ma maîtrise dans le laboratoire du Prof. Paul Wiseman, j'ai développé des outils d'analyse d'image pour quantifier les propriétés biophysiques des protéines à l'intérieur des cellules. Je me suis ensuite joint au laboratoire du Prof. Johan Paulsson à Harvard, où j'ai utilisé la microfluidique ainsi que des principes de la chimie stochastique pour faire la réingénierie de l'oscillateur synthétique qui a mené à la fondation du domaine de la biologie synthétique, le “repressilator”. Durant mon post-doctorat au California Institute of Technology dans le laboratoire du Prof. Michael Elowitz, j'ai utilisé des approches de la biologie synthétique pour étudier comment la communication entre cellules peut être encodée dans la dynamique du signal.

Membres Actuels

PhD student

Masters in Systems and Synthetic Bio (Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires, France), B.A.&Sc (Quest University Canada)

I completed my undergrad in the small town of Squamish BC, at Quest University Canada. At Quest, I focused my studies of molecular biology and neurobiology, specifically looking at the molecular processes involved in learning and memory. For my masters, I moved out of small-town Canada to Paris, France, where I learned about more quantitative approaches to biology in my interdisciplinary Systems and Synthetic Biology program. Through courses and internships, I became interested in modelling and dynamics in biological systems. Outside of research, I enjoy climbing and biking in the mountains, as well as cooking and sewing at home!

PhD student
BSc (University of Waterloo)

I graduated from the University of Waterloo with a BSc in biology, focusing on molecular genetics and biotechnology. As a co-op student, I had the opportunity to work in glycobiology and proteomics labs at Ryerson University and Mount Sinai Hospital. Through my research, I am interested in studying methods of engineering dynamic biological systems. Outside of the lab, I enjoy cooking and staying active through yoga and hiking.



I completed my bachelor degree at Quest University Canada with a focus in molecular biology and biochemistry. I am interested in enzyme engineering and its application in the field of environmental remediation. Outside of academics, I love hiking and playing recreational volleyball.

MSc Student
B.A & Sc (Quest University Canada)



MSc Student

BSc (University of Kharazmi)

I completed my bachelor’s degree with a focus in Cell & Molecular biology at Kharazmi University in Iran. During my undergrad and internships, I became interested in synthetic biology and engineering biological systems. Outside the lab, I enjoy reading, cooking and of course having tea with friends.

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MASc Étudiant

B.Eng (Université  Concordia)

Je suis diplômé de l'Université Concordia en génie mécanique. Suite à cela, j'ai travaillé dans l'industrie aérospatiale en tant que concepteur mécanique jusqu'à ce que je tombe sur la biologie synthétique. J'ai aimé l'idée de programmer des micro-organismes pour des solutions thérapeutiques et environnementales, donc j'ai décidé de poursuivre une maîtrise pour en savoir plus sur le sujet. En dehors du laboratoire, j'aime travailler sur des projets manuelles et pratiquer des sports comme le Jiu-Jitsu brésilien.



MSc Student
BSc ( Pontificia Universidad Javeriana)

I graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Microbiology. I became interested in synthetic biology while working in engineering bacteria to form living materials in the Ajo-Franklin lab at the Berkeley Lab and Rice University. I am interested in developing novel tools and systems to understand and control biological processes. Outside of the lab, I enjoy staying active through hiking, backpacking, and bouldering.

Anciens membres


MSc student

BSc (Dalhousie University)

I graduated with a BSc in biology and an undergraduate certificate in Geographic Information Science (GIS) from Dalhousie University. I completed projects in both macro and microbiology laboratories throughout my degree. I continued to explore different fields of biology working as a GIS specialist for the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture and post-graduation as a lab technician at the Centre for Comparative Genomics and Evolutionary Bioinformatics at Dalhousie. I am excited to now focus my studies using a bottom-up approach to synthetic biology. When I am not in the lab I can be found adventuring in the outdoors by foot, bike or canoe! 

PhD Candidate (University of Toronto)

MSc in Physics (University of Toronto), Bsc in Physics and Mathematics (McGill University)

I'm a PhD Candidate in the department of Physics at the University of Toronto, under the supervision of Andreas Hilfinger. In Toronto, I've developed mathematical theories that promise to exploit non-genetic variability in cells as a means to infer intracellular dynamics. Synthetic biology provides an exciting opportunity to test these theories with well characterized engineered systems. Through my time visiting the Potvin Lab, I hope to put our theories to the test.



Integrated M. Tech. (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)

I am an undergraduate student completing my dual degree in biotechnology and biochemical engineering from IIT Kharagpur, India. I am interested in systems and synthetic biology and am fascinated by its practical applications. I joined the lab as a part of the MITACS Globalink internship program and am working on stochastic modeling of oscillatory gene networks, mainly the dual feedback oscillator.

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Undergraduate student Mathematics & Statistics (Concordia University)

Originally from Sydney, Australia, I came to Montreal to do my undergraduate studies in Mathematics, and to learn French. Academically, I am interested in understanding how rules and patterns combine to create complexity, and nothing does this better than biology. At home, I enjoy growing, cooking and sharing food, as well as music, and the outdoors.


Undergraduate student in engineering physics (Polytechnique


I was really excited when I joined Laurent and his team, because it was my first experience in a research lab, and I wanted to apply what I have learned during my studies. Even if I am in not in a life science related program, I still consider doing my graduate studies in that field, especially in an interdisciplinary environment. Outside the lab, I really like doing outdoor activities such as biking, hiking and camping.


BSc (Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos)

I am a biologist with strong interest in systems biology and bioinformatics. I obtained my bachelor degree in Genetics and Biotechnology from UNMSM at Lima-Peru, my home country. During my undergrad I participated in projects related to enzyme function prediction, gene expression during serum response and transcriptional regulatory networks during development. I have always wanted to do research in biology using a quantitative approach and that motivated me to complement my background in biology developing skills in statistics, maths and computational science. In the Potvin Lab I am working in the analysis and design of gene circuits that show oscillatory behavior using approaches from stochastic modeling and control theory.

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