Principal investigator

Postdoc (Caltech), PhD Biophysics (Harvard University), MSc Physics (McGill University), B. Eng  Physics (École Polytechnique Montréal)

I was trained as a physicist before becoming fascinated by biology, and have been using a physics approach to understanding biological systems since then. During my Masters in the lab of Paul Wiseman at McGill, I developed image analysis techniques to quantify the biophysical properties of proteins inside cells. I then joined Johan Paulsson’s lab at Harvard, where I used microfluidics and principles from stochastic chemistry to re-engineer the synthetic oscillator that helped kick-start synthetic biology, the repressilator. During my post-doc at the California Institute of Technology in the lab of Michael Elowitz, I used synthetic approaches to study how cell-cell signaling can be encoded through dynamical signals.


PhD student

Masters in Systems and Synthetic Bio (Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires, France), B.A.&Sc (Quest University Canada)

I completed my undergrad in the small town of Squamish BC, at Quest University Canada. At Quest, I focused my studies of molecular biology and neurobiology, specifically looking at the molecular processes involved in learning and memory. For my masters, I moved out of small-town Canada to Paris, France, where I learned about more quantitative approaches to biology in my interdisciplinary Systems and Synthetic Biology program. Through courses and internships, I became interested in modelling and dynamics in biological systems. Outside of research, I enjoy climbing and biking in the mountains, as well as cooking and sewing at home!


MSc student

BSc (Dalhousie University)

I graduated with a BSc in biology and an undergraduate certificate in Geographic Information Science (GIS) from Dalhousie University. I completed projects in both macro and microbiology laboratories throughout my degree. I continued to explore different fields of biology working as a GIS specialist for the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture and post-graduation as a lab technician at the Centre for Comparative Genomics and Evolutionary Bioinformatics at Dalhousie. I am excited to now focus my studies using a bottom-up approach to synthetic biology. When I am not in the lab I can be found adventuring in the outdoors by foot, bike or canoe! 


Undergraduate student (Quest University Canada)

I am currently completing my B.A & Sc at Quest University Canada with a focus in molecular biology and biochemistry. I am interested in enzyme engineering and its application in the field of environmental remediation. Outside of academics, I love hiking and playing recreational volleyball.


Undergraduate student Mathematics & Statistics (Concordia University)

Originally from Sydney, Australia, I came to Montreal to do my undergraduate studies in Mathematics, and to learn French. Academically, I am interested in understanding how rules and patterns combine to create complexity, and nothing does this better than biology. At home, I enjoy growing, cooking and sharing food, as well as music, and the outdoors.


Undergraduate student in engineering physics (Polytechnique


I was really excited when I joined Laurent and his team, because it was my first experience in a research lab, and I wanted to apply what I have learned during my studies. Even if I am in not in a life science related program, I still consider doing my graduate studies in that field, especially in an interdisciplinary environment. Outside the lab, I really like doing outdoor activities such as biking, hiking and camping.


BSc (Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos)

I am a biologist with strong interest in systems biology and bioinformatics. I obtained my bachelor degree in Genetics and Biotechnology from UNMSM at Lima-Peru, my home country. During my undergrad I participated in projects related to enzyme function prediction, gene expression during serum response and transcriptional regulatory networks during development. I have always wanted to do research in biology using a quantitative approach and that motivated me to complement my background in biology developing skills in statistics, maths and computational science. In the Potvin Lab I am working in the analysis and design of gene circuits that show oscillatory behavior using approaches from stochastic modeling and control theory.


MSc student

BSc (University of Waterloo)

I graduated from the University of Waterloo with a BSc in biology, focusing on molecular genetics and biotechnology. As a co-op student, I had the opportunity to work in glycobiology and proteomics labs at Ryerson University and Mount Sinai Hospital. Through my research, I am interested in studying methods of engineering dynamic biological systems. Outside of the lab, I enjoy cooking and staying active through yoga and hiking.